Saturday, September 14, 2013

Moving along with Elders of the RuneStone Issues 3 and 4...and Salt Lake Comic Con 2013!

Just wanted to give a quick update. Things are still moving along with Issues 3 and 4, see a sample page (lettered pencils) below! Once all four issues are completed of the first miniseries, we will be talking to publishers again and working on getting the collected graphic novel out! Thanks for your patience!

Jenny gets into trouble in Elders of the RuneStone Issue #3. Art by Dan Glasl.

On a side note, Salt Lake City, Utah just had its very first Comic Con last weekend, and Quinn and Troy were featured special guests and panelists on several different panels! The show was a ridiculous success, hosting something like 70-80,000 people on Saturday alone and filling the Salt Palace convention center to capacity, leaving hundreds and hundreds of costumed fanboys and fangirls waiting for hours to be let in (see photos below). It also featured such esteemed guests as William Shatner, Ray Park, Henry Winkler and the incomparable Stan Lee! They are planning to do it again next year and to devote the entire Salt Palace space. Lesson learned: Utah has a huge population of comics fans!
By Saturday afternoon, the building's floor capacity reached it maximum capacity, but that didn't deter hundreds more fans trying to get in to Salt Lake Comic Con 2013. The line went on and on...

...and on and on...
It actually wrapped around three sides of the Salt Palace convention center!

Quinn spoke on several panels, including Writing for ComicsCreating in Someone Else's Universe, and the one above, DC Movies Vs. Marvel Movies. On that last one, crazy fans were invited to the panelist table to throw in their two cents...okay, more like their $100.

Quinn (center) contemplates his next comment on whether Marvel or DC is better...or maybe he's contemplating how to escape the panel before the torches are brought out!

 When Bane offers a hug, just say NO.

 Mermaid Man from Spongebob!

 The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond made an appearance with the famous TARDIS!

Those darn Silence. Their power to make you forget them as soon as you look away makes it harder to hang out later.

Weta of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit fame showed off their amazing work.


Troy (red shirt) spoke about working on the new Disney Infinity game at the Breaking into the Video Games Industry panel.

Never look a Sith Lord (Spyder O'Neil) straight in the eye. Even if he is on the panel.