Thursday, September 13, 2012

Shooting for Elders of the RuneStone Issue #1 release on Saturday!

Hey all! Sorry to all our Kickstarter backers for the delay on Issue #1, we're working as hard and as fast as we can! Besides this series, our team also has other projects to juggle (as you listeners of the podcast well know) and our lives can get downright INSANE. (It is normal for Robert to go days without sleep just to stay on top of all the demands on his schedule. I am not joking.) On the plus side we are well into the art for the other issues and that's moving along at a steady clip!

That being said, we are doing all within our power to get Issue #1 sent hot to our backers' emails this Saturday! All we have left is the brand spankin'-new cover, see below for the thumbnail sketch! It's going to look amazing in full ink and color!

Thanks to all our fans for your patience, we are so excited to finally share this with the world!!