Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sneak peek of Richie Rich #3!

(click image for a larger view)

Hey all! Just wanted to give you a sneak peek of Richie Rich #3, "Just Deserts," hitting stores soon! Though the page doesn't yet have its dialogue balloons, the script for the whole issue is by Quinn. Just wait until you see the whole issue!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Picks and Swift Kicks: From Marvel to Miyazaki!: DARKHAN CITY PODCAST #68

Welcome to Episode #68 of the Darkhan City Awesome Comics Culture Podcast!

(Click HERE to listen, or HERE to download the individual episode)

Once again, the Pantyhose Ninjas rattle off a few of their recent favorite ways to spend an afternoon. Come for the mini reviews of Marvel’s “Fear Itself,” Miyazaki films, “Portal 2,” “Death Battles,” and more. Stay for the soul-crushing brutality of Ben’s latest “A Swift Kick to Ye Olde Maile Bagge”; it’s sure to give you a case of the floppies.


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