Wednesday, January 21, 2009

These images are already posted for the character model sheets, but I thought I would show the pencil and/or inked version aswell. Just a behind the scenes process of these rockin' characters.
As Quinn mentioned, we just finished up our 5 page Elders of the RuneStone story for APE Ent. Free Comic Book Day anthology. It was a blast to do, and really made it clear to me that we have a devoted creative team that work together seemlessly. I wanted to thank Jonas and Bob for the inks and colors, and how willing they were to fit this into their schedule.
Everytime I get back to these characters, I feel like a kid again. There is just a fun energy when I work on RuneStone.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Phone harrassment for a good cause

Hey all! So this last week has been crazy, what with getting everything ready to go for the special five-page Elders of the RuneStone story for Ape Entertainment's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Anthology. This special story, "Loose Ends," will be unique in that it's the first time the whole nation will see Elders of the RuneStone published! It's also cool because it's a story that is completely original material, not to be included in the regular 4-issue miniseries coming out next year!

How do you get your hands on this special edition story? FOR FREE??

Click on the following link

to locate the comic book store nearest you and call to make sure they order the Ape Entertainment FREE COMIC BOOK DAY Anthology! Distributors are ordering NOW for the big day in May, and they need your calls to make sure the book gets ordered! Don't take NO for an answer!

We are very excited for the weeks leading up to Free Comic Day in May and hope that you enjoy the story as much as we enjoyed making it!