Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kickstarter Update #5: The First Week is Over...Where Are We Now?

Go to our Kickstarter page at the link below and join the team!

Well, the first week of Elders of the RuneStone on Kickstarter has been astounding to say the least. Right now we're sitting at just shy of $6000, 2/3 of the way to make the project and its rewards official. Thanks again to all who have been so incredibly generous thus far!

Statistically Kickstarter projects tend to slow down in the middle, and we've still got a good ways to go, so any efforts in continuing to spread the word are awesome. Comics Experience just sent out their electronic newsletter and included a section on us, reaching over 1000 people! Also check out Michael's ComicsBoom network, which he was kind enough to feature our video on! Thanks so much guys!

Also a heads up to check out the awesome art blog Periodic Heroes, which is featuring Elders of the RuneStone as their theme this week. Thanks to Phil Sevy, creator of Heartless Dark!

Also remember that we've still got a ton of fantastic rewards for pledges, including personal art and writing critiques from series artist Robert Atkins and myself! Here's a little note from Michelle, who grabbed one of these rewards for herself:

"This is very exciting! I hope you do manage to raise the full $9,000 ~ and I can't wait to read this comic! I might be able to pledge more, later on. I think it is fantastic that these types of options exist for getting a comic book published. My fingers are crossed that your project goes through without a hitch!

"(I don't have a script yet... (eeek!) I've just finished the Comics Experience 'Intro to Comic Book Writing' so I'm JUST learning how to write scripts. I'll get to work as soon as I can!!)

"Have a lovely day! ~Michelle"

Can't wait to see your stuff, Michelle!

And last of all, here are more pics of Doug Brown's incredible process of custom-creating the Adder action figure! Check out his process of creating and molding Adder's kunai (throwing knives). You can contact Doug at
  • Image-99547-full
  • Image-99548-full
  • Image-99549-full
  • Image-99550-full
  • Image-99551-full
  • Image-99552-full
  • Image-99553-full
  • Image-99554-full
  • Image-99555-full
  • Image-99556-full
  • Image-99557-full

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