Friday, March 9, 2012

Day #2 on Kickstarter: Kicking Serious Butt!

Go to our Kickstarter page at the link below and join the team!

Wow! Less than two days in and we've already reached $3300! That's $1300 just since last night! I am simply astounded and extremely humbled. Thanks so much to all of you who have been so generous, and also for doing so much to spread the word!

I will not lie, I'm exhausted! Working a full-time job, then coming home and tackling all the tasks inherent to running this project takes it out of you. (I've really been trying to send a personal note to each person who pledges, you are fantastic.) Plus I hadn't counted on being so wired these last couple days what with putting ourselves out there and seeing how the world reacts to Elders of the RuneStone--it's affected my sleeping for sure. (Yes, I've been having Kickstarter dreams.) It's extremely exciting and totally worth it! I think I'll breathe easier when we hit that holy $9000 mark and this whole thing becomes official.  :)

Here are six more pics of Doug Brown's unbelievably awesome custom-made Adder action figure. Check out his amazing process as he picks out just the right parts from existing action figures, assembles them, then adds his sculpting magic to make it look perfect! More to come after this! Once again, you can contact Doug at
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