Monday, March 12, 2012

Even Kids Know That "Elders of the RuneStone" is Awesome

Go to our Kickstarter page at the link below and join the team!

Ryan Landvatter, a good friend and supporter of this Kickstarter project (and an amazing artist, check out his website, sent in the following message:

 My 4 year old son Jonas asked me to send you these pictures because he wants to help too. I read a few of your comics to him and he drew these pictures yesterday. He wanted me to send the drawings to you and he said, 'They are totally rad, Dad!'
-Ryan and Jonas"

So here we present Jonas's awesome artwork of Elders of the RuneStone heroes Kat and Dain in his Gremlin form. *Just a reminder that included in the rewards is the chance for your child to get his or her artwork inked or colored by the amazing Juan Castro and Bob Pedroza, who handle inks and colors on the series!*
And here are more pics detailing the creation of Doug Brown's incredible custom-made Adder action figure. In Doug's own words: "I'm using liquid green stuff to build up the stitches [on the mask]. It's easier to control the sculpting material with a brush, but you have to build it up in layers....The MU arms have a slighty different construction than the Joe parts so I had to create a spacer using a styrene tube to give the new arms a tighter fit." Talk about dedication to detail! Contact Doug at

Only five days in and we are almost at $5500! Thanks again to everyone for your incredible support and generosity. Not much further until our $9000 goal is reached and this project becomes official! (Can't wait to start sending out your rewards!)

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