Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 3 of Kickstarter--We've Broken the Halfway Point!

Go to our Kickstarter page at the link below and join the team!

WOW! Less than three days in and we've broken $4500--halfway to our goal of $9000! You backers are AMAZING!! This seriously would not be possible without your kind support. Thank you all again, and I am excited for you to soon be enjoying the rewards we have in store! Now all we have to do it bring in that other $4500...

Also thanks to all those of you who are spreading the word--it makes a HUGE difference and has gotten a lot more people to join the team.

Just a little side note: Robert's been in the UK the past few days at the "Roll Out Roll Call" 2012 convention. Dave at All the Cool Stuff, a comic shop there, was nice enough to invite him to the show as a guest and meet the GI JOE and Action Force fans over in the UK. Read more about it on Robert's art blog, Not much rest for me either, as I've also been hard at work writing the script for issue #5 of Archie and Bongo Comics artist Bill Galvan's co-created series The Scrapyard Detectives. It's been a total blast, and it's awesome any time I get to work with Bill. He's one fantastic guy!

Alrighty, enough from me. Here are a few more pics of the step-by-step process of Doug  Brown's awesome custom-made Adder action figure. Check out the painstaking process of adding the finest detail, including sculpting the stitches on Adder's mask! Once again, you can contact Doug and lavish him with praise and questions at
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