Tuesday, April 8, 2008

RuneStone moves forward!

So in case you haven't heard, the musical of Elders of the RuneStone is not really happening. It was an April Fool's joke! That's not to say it will never happen...well, okay, it will never happen.

On the plus side production is again moving into high gear on Issue 1 and we are excited to have more material to show off soon! We'll keep you posted!

The regular www.runestonecomic.com site is under construction and will be for the next couple months in preparation for the Wizard World Chicago convention, so until then keep your eyes on this blog (http://runestonecomic.blogspot.com/ ) for regular updates as usual! Also if you are on Facebook look up the Elders of the RuneStone group and join up! We have been gaining members at a rapid pace.

In other news, RuneStone artist Robert Atkins has been interviewed by the Heroes Wiki for his work on the Heroes TV series web-comic on NBC.com. Check it out here: http://heroeswiki.com/Interview:Robert_Atkins.

And finally, enjoy this sweet concept art from the Elders of the RuneStone movie pitch: