Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Contest for Prizes!

Yes, you read right! Next week we will hold our first ever Elders of the RuneStone contest, right here on this blog! There will be series of trivia questions about the series; all answers will be pulled from information in this blog (www.runestonecomic.blogspot.com) from the first post in August 2007 and on, and since our regular website is under construction, also from material posted on the Elders of the RuneStone group on Facebook. The first person to email ALL the correct answers to runestonecomic@gmail.com will win an original sketch of the RuneStone character of their choice by series artist Robert Atkins! More details to follow!

Another announcement of note is that series writer Quinn Johnson will be a guest at Free Comic Day, Saturday, May 3rd at Night Flight Comics in Salt Lake City! Official information on the event below:

There will be a selection of free comic books appropriate for all ages available as well as big coloring pages. (Limit one comic book per person so we can have supplies last all day long.)

We will also have four local professional comic book artists in house at our 6222 So. State Street location from 3:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. autographing comics and free sketches for kids. They are as follows:

BILL GALVAN - Scrapyard Detectives, Archie Comics

DEREK HUNTER - Pirate Club

QUINN JOHNSON - Elders of the RuneStone, Tales of the TMNT

TREVOR NIELSON - The Lily Maid (The Joan of Arc Story)

You an also find this information on the web site here: http://www.night-flight.com/events.htm