Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Elders of the RuneStone to be Off-Broadway Musical!

Below is the official press release for this groundbreaking development. Please pass it on!

New York Observer, April 1, 2008:

Salt Lake City, UT—Utah-based company Mr. Wonderful Productions announced Friday, March 28, that its creative property Elders of the RuneStone has been optioned as an off-Broadway musical. The story of teenagers obtaining superhuman powers will be helmed by famed director Ivo Van Hove (The Misanthrope), with music and lyrics by ex-*NSYNC front-man Justin Timberlake. “I stumbled upon the website for the comic and was overwhelmed by the dramatic potential,” Van Hove said. Timberlake added, “After my acting career started to take off, I thought it would be great to be behind a production like this. The riffs I’ve created for this musical will really appeal to the young, hip generation. It will be totally phat.”

Elders of the RuneStone creator Quinn Johnson admitted he was “very surprised by the call.” “I guess I always pictured [Elders of the] RuneStone taking off as a comic and maybe a movie first. To be a musical…well, let’s just say it’s not what I expected.”

Co-creator Robert Atkins shared his own thoughts on the development. “I honestly think it’s a really terrible idea, and could ruin any chances of the story being taken seriously. But Quinn’s all for it, so I guess I’ll support him.”

The production will include performances by such renowned musical acts as U2, The Crystal Method, and Celine Dion. Timberlake has revealed titles such as “Never Thought I’d Be A Hero” and “Even Vigilantes Cry” as part of the song list. Elders of the RuneStone is slated for a December 18, 2008 premier at the New York Theatre Workshop, where famed musical Rent began its 12-year run.

For the podcast of an interview with Ain’t It Cool News, click the link below:
Musical Interview with Ain't It Cool News


Anonymous said...

At first, probably like most people, I thought you were kidding.
But hey, fame is fame.


Devour Vitality said...

Haha thats funny XD You scared me for a minute though.

SpyderWeiss said...

I hope Antonio Banderas is singing one of the numbers. And dancing as well! That's about when the Stay Puff marshmellow man will come crashing in and then all hell will break loose!

Quinn Johnson, writer of Elders of the RuneStone said...

Be sure to check out the podcast after the article. Pretty cool interview!

Anonymous said...
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