Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The RuneStoneMobile and urban ninjas in our office

Hello once again! Things continue to blast forward for Elders of the RuneStone as we get closer to Free Comic Book Day and the unveiling of the Ape Entertainment Free Comic Book Day Anthology, which contains our first-ever published story "Loose Ends." (Go to www.ComicShopLocator.com to order it now!)

In fact, at a recent signing by series writer Quinn Johnson, what should make a guest appearance but the RUNESTONEMOBILE!

(click on images below for a larger view)

And in further news, Episode #2 of the Darkhan City Times Awesome Things Podcast is up! You can subscribe to the podcast for FREE in the iTunes Store. (Search it in iTunes or link here). The episode description is as follows:

Discover how you can support "Elders of the RuneStone" at Free Comic Book Day; decide for yourself whom you'd be most surprised to meet in a dark alley: Robert the accused murderer, Troy the black cowboy, or Quinn the male model; and get your gamer fix as we unleash our in-depth "Street Fighter" blowout! Let's have a pirate-piƱata party!

This just in: Episode #3 is also now up! See description below:

Accompany the Pantyhose Ninjas (and Robert) on the chocolatey road from Top Shelf's "Super Spy," to stereotypical Hawaiian tourism, to the making of the "Elders of the RuneStone" movie trailer!

And last of all, a very special guest made a surprise appearance, right in the office of Darkhan Studios!! Enjoy the pics, taken by alert photographers Jill and Rob Tobler (click on them for a larger view).

Adder stealths his way into Darkhan Studios

Adder destroys evil (in this case Darkhan City Times Podcast co-host Troy Johnson)

Pantyhose Ninja and Urban Ninja -- BFF's!

Time for action!

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