Friday, March 6, 2009

New PODCAST episode is up!--do you DARE miss it?

Pantyhose Ninjas

Check out Episode #1 (which is actually the second episode, since Episode #0 came first--confusing, we know)! The description is as follows:

In this episode, hear Robert's experience at the recent New York Comic-Con, imagine the Thing dressed up like a hot dog, and learn how to use the word "smurf" in place of common curse words.

»To hear the podcast, just look up "Darkhan City Times" in the iTunes Store. It's FREE, and you can hit "Subscribe" to automatically download all future episodes.

And now for a ridiculously long message from Troy, one of the show's Pantyhose Ninja hosts and the show producer, on the proper method of downloading:

"You can link directly to the podcast on iTunes by going here: You should subscribe from here on iTunes if possible. Also, you can just download individual episodes here, too, if you don't want to subscribe (but of course you do).

"For those who don't have iTunes or another software program that downloads and plays RSS Feeds (subscription media files, blogs, etc.), you can access and download the individual episodes by right-clicking and and selecting "Save Link As..." (if done correctly, you will download as m4a files). People can also subscribe from this page, but doing so from iTunes is preferable."

So there you have it.

Episode #2 will also be uploaded in the next day or so. Enjoy!


spsul said...

Helpful links if you're like me and don't use iTunes.

RSS Feed:

Tyler said...

It's real easy to find on iTunes. Just go to the pocast directory, then to search, and type in "Darkhan" under Title search.

Not a lot of "Darkhan"s out there.