Thursday, January 10, 2008

RuneStone, stars of ROCKBAND!

As evidenced by every cartoon of the 60's, there is one simple requirement of every hero team: to be in a rock band! (See and if you need further evidence.) So without further ado, check out these pics of the Elders of the RuneStone crew in the game RockBand.

P.S. On a side note, I was perusing the Ninja Turtles website ( and looked in their "Buy Stuff" section for back issues of their comic book. Lo and behold that Tales of the TMNT #31 (which I wrote) is one of the handful that is sold out! That's got to count for something in these parts! Just thought I'd share. :)

One variation of the band, with Zeniff (Adder), Kat (Catalyst), and Dain (Gremlin).

A second varation of the team with Kat (Catalyst), Scott (Gar), and Jenny (HardTap).

More group shots.

Scott (Gar) in the lead singer position (note the power stance).

Scott letting it out.

Jenny (HardTap) on the drums.

Jenny ready to go.

Dain (Gremlin) up at bat.

Don't get in his way or he'll drum you to Kingdom Come!

Classic photo pose.

Kat (Catalyst) as lead singer.

Kat sings.

Raising the roof!

Kat outfit variation.

Bringing down the house!

Zeniff (Adder) as lead guitar (every ninja's dream).

Zeniff wailing on the guitar.

Kat and Zeniff share a moment.