Sunday, April 8, 2012

Kickstarter Update #16: A Special Message for All Our Wonderful Backers

Thank you.

For the last several years, Robert Atkins and I have put our hearts and souls into Elders of the RuneStone because we believed in the story. It's been my life's work, my passion and ultimate dream for so long, and now because of you, it's a reality.

In the months of preparation leading up to launching on Kickstarter, Robert and I had faith but still had the lingering anxiety of "What if this doesn't work? What if people don't catch our vision and excitement? What if..." Less than 24 hours after we launched, we were over $1600. (I was in somewhat of a daze at that point.) As this last exhausting month has gone by, we've watched that number grow and grow until we smashed our original goal of $9000 that would make the project, its funding and rewards, official. The outpouring of generous support from family, friends, and new friends from all over the world has been nothing short of astounding and incredibly humbling. You don't know how deeply our hearts have been touched by this great kindness and generosity. It means more than you'll ever know.

And now because of you we've shattered our stretch goal of $12,000--we hit $12,597!!! This means that we'll be able to produce Issue #5 in addition to the first 4-issue miniseries we were originally shooting for. It also means that every one of you who have pledged $5 or more will soon be enjoying the bonus reward of a PDF of Issue #2!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'd like to take this time to also thank the phenomenal creative team, past and present, we've been blessed to worked with: Dan Glasl, Juan Castro, Bob Pedroza, Jonas Trindade, Joey Stone, Rick Ketcham, Troy Johnson, Elaine Atkins Manley, Brian Atkins, Ben Johnson...and many more. You guys are incredible.

We still have many challenges ahead of us as we brave the difficult path of (currently) independent comics creators and sharing our series Elders of the RuneStone with the world. But as mentioned before, it's a story we've long believed in that is worth all the hard work. You've all become the grassroots, ground-level champions of something special, helping blast it forward and upward in a way we never in a thousand years could have done ourselves. We'll definitely be keeping you in the know as things continue to fall into place!

A few great ways to keep up with all the exciting developments for the series are to subscribe to our official website and blog at, and to subscribe to our show, the Darkhan City Podcast, which can be found on iTunes,, and on our main website. We'd also love to have you "Like" our Elders of the RuneStone/Darkhan City Podcast Facebook page! In addition, our personal websites are and, and our Twitter names are @robertatkinsart and @quinnmjohnson.

To send you your well-deserved rewards, in the coming weeks and months we'll be sending out requests for your information through Kickstarter, including email addresses (for the Issues #1 & #2 PDFs), mailing addresses, photos (for those who are being drawn into the story) and what name you'd like us to use for the Thank You page for inclusion in the collected graphic novel and for our website (and for those whose names will be inserted into the story)! Your prompt response will be greatly appreciated!

Last of all and most importantly, I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Lord, for guiding us to this wonderful Kickstarter opportunity and for giving us the strength to keep going through the years when things looked impossible. He has sustained and blessed us every step of the way.

Thank you all again. We're honored to have you on the team.
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