Monday, March 29, 2010

"Halo Legends" Review: PODCAST #38 (The Lost Files)

Welcome back!  After a long hiatus caused by the evil Techno-diffitron, Episode #38 of the Darkhan City Awesome Comics Culture Podcast is on the air!

(click HERE to listen, or HERE to download the individual episode)

Episode description:
After a month hiatus, the Pantyhose Ninjas are back in action! From our review of "Halo Legends" to unfortunate infections, this is the most controversial episode of the DCACCP yet. And the onomatopoeia is spelled/pronounced "DOOJ!"

Also check out these tantalizing tidbits:

*Awesome review of Robert's recent G.I.Joe work:

*Was Quinn a member of Manfred Mann? (contributed by Michael Weiss)


Running in the Surf

Axe Cop

Universal Soldier: Regeneration trailer

Brandon Earnhart's awesome art

Strong Bad's use of the word "DOOJ!"

Halo Legends trailer

Halo graphic novel

The Animatrix

Batman: Gotham Knight

Black Dynamite

Quinn's most recent reviews on That Gaming Site:

Castlevania: The Retrospective (Part 1)

Castlevania: The Adventure Rebirth


Discount Comic Book Service


Ape Entertainment

Ape Online Comics

That Gaming Site

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