Saturday, September 5, 2009

Podcast #20: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and making comics into movies!

That's right, new name, same great show!  Episode #20 of The Darkhan City Awesome Comics Culture Podcast is comin' atcha!

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Episode description below:

Find out exactly what we would walk 500 miles for (and perhaps even 500 more) as we review "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2" and discuss the good and bad of adapting existing properties into cinema sensations. Also, discover more ridiculous things that Troy will do for $10 in this "NeverEnding Story"!
And join Quinn Johnson at a special benefit event at comics and game shop Dragon's Keep in Provo, Utah on Saturday, September 12th.

Event description is as follows:

Jake Black is a writer with credits on Smallville, Ben 10: Alien Force, Chaotic and more. In comics he's worked on "Legion of Super-heroes" "TMNT" "Ender's Game" and more. He's written several books including stories featuring popular characters such as Batman, Superman, and the WWE. His next book, "The Authorized Ender Companion" (and encyclopedia of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game series) hits stores in November 2009. Jake lives in a quiet Utah town with his wife and son.
The comic artists will be on hand providing sketches (for a small donation), selling original art and limited edition prints and other great items!! There will also be benefit fundraiser prize opportunities held through out the day! In addition, Dragon's Keep will also be donating a percentage of sales to help pitch in for Jake Black. So, Please join us in our effort to help support creator and Utah local Jake Black!
Date: Saturday- September 12
Time: 10AM
Artist Arrive: 12 Noon

Artists involved in the event: Ryan Ottley, Chad Hardin, Bill Galvan, Derek Hunter, Travis Walton, JJ Harrison, Howard Tayler, Jason Hanks, Quinn Johnson, Tyler Kirkham, and Sal Velluto.

Artists' blogs about the event:

Sal Velluto
Howard Tayler
Bill Galvan

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