Friday, June 19, 2009

Podcast episode #14.5--Finally! A creators’ tell-all on “Elders of the RuneStone”!

It's finally here! For all of you who have been scratching your heads and wondering what's the latest on our creator-owned comic book series Elders of the RuneStone, this episode is for you!
(Click on the link to the right to listen)

Episode #14.5 description is as follows:

If you don't like this episode, blame Quinn and Robert because Troy (and thus his hilarious wit) is conspicuously absent this time around! Still, though, you'll learn all about "Elders of the RuneStone" in this episode, as the creators finally go in-depth on their original property. Plus, you'll hear some of the Governator's most famous movie lines. Who can resist that?

And as mentioned previously, you can click on the following link to check out Elders of the RuneStone writer Quinn Johnson’s interview with Dragon’s Keep! Insights into the world of comic book merrymaking abound…