Friday, May 29, 2009

Podcast #12--"Wolverine" review and kicking the Puppy of Despair

Episode #12 of The Darkhan City Times Awesome Things Podcast is up! (click on the link to the right to give a listen)

Episode description is as follows:

Put on your dancin' shoes, 'cause the Pantyhose Ninjas are gonna puppy-punt you from the graphic design aspect of publishing a comic book to our review of "XO: Wolverine," children's breakfast cereal, and Free Comic Book Day. How poignant! Producer's note: Due to a combination of malfunctioning technology and (sort of) strict scheduling, this episode features un-edited, un-mastered, and un-refined audio footage (it's all still clean, so don't worry, mothers). Those responsible have been sacked.

And in further news, as mentioned before, you can read the first published Elders of the RuneStone story free online! Go to and click on the link to the Free Comic Book Day "Cartoona Palooza" book. Our story is the book's last five pages. Enjoy!