Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Adorable babies and hunting vampires--Podcast #8!

That's right, Episode #8 of The Darkhan City Times Awesome Things Podcast is up and running! (Click LINK on the right of the page)

With an adorable intro from Robert's baby son Connor, Episode #8's description is as follows:

Do you have an awesome nickname for your haircut? Well, you're not the only one anymore! Whip it good with "Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles," Robert's art experience with various writers' scripting styles, and more nudist horseback riding than you can possibly stomach. Luckily, Robert's adorable son Connor was there to rein the Pantyhose Ninjas back in.

And here's a link to the meaning of the word "Manitou" as discussed in our Sockbaby review in Episode #7, provided by Sockbaby creator Doug TenNapel himself!

See you all at Free Comic Day this Saturday, May 2nd, where our first-ever Elders of the RuneStone published story will debut in Ape Entertainment's Cartoona Palooza #2!!

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Kawabamgaaaaaaaaaa said...

Run to Free Comic Book Dayyyyyyyy hehehe cheers guys ^^