Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Submission to Top Shelf Productions

So it's been a while since our last post! Sorry about that, things have been busy getting Issue #1 ready for posting! (In the next week or two!!) The plan is to have the issue posted on the www.runestonecomic.com website in 5-page installments every two weeks, in a format that will not only allow people to download it onto their computer, but also to email it around, post it on their own websites, etc. All done under Creative Commons, which still prohibits people making money off of or modifying the comic, but allows it to spread far and wide over cyberspace, sharing Elders of the RuneStone with the world and getting the word out! So anyone out there who would like to share RuneStone with others is greatly appreciated!

All that said, here are a few illustrations I did about four years ago as part of a submission packet I sent to Top Shelf Productions as a pitch. Sadly it was turned down, but that's understandable as Top Shelf traditionally publishes work NOT in the mainstream "superhero" genre (with a few exceptions); also Robert was not yet part of the creative team (his art is MUCH better than mine) and the story was still far from true production at that point. (Side note: Top Shelf has a ton of amazing stuff to check out, including one of my favorite graphic novels, "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. Plus Chris Staros, the main editor there, is a very cool guy; I've had the privilege of talking with him a couple of times.) Anyway, hope you enjoy the art!


Scott / Gar


Dain / Gremlin


Zeniff / Adder